Relieving Stress and Anxiety with Bowen Therapy

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Bowen therapy works well as a preferred alternative healing therapy. This Image was taken in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Bowen Therapy
The Bowen technique works well for stress and anxiety relief. This image was taken in Johannesburg, South Africa
Bowen Technique
Bowen Therapy is directed at the body as a whole, reducing physical pain and emotional unease. It stimulates the body to self-heal while alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression. This is achieved by a “shift” in the nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic. This image was taken in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Bowen Therapy for stress relief therapy

Bowen Therapy was made in Australia. Anxiety is the most common kind of mental illness there. Sometimes, more than two million people have this mental illness. Bowen Therapy can help you with this problem or even cure it. Let's take a closer look at the symptoms before we talk about how to fix them with Bowen Therapy:
• Panic attacks
• Accelerated heartbeat
• Chest pain
• Shallow breathing
• Restlessness
• Highly strung
• Nervous
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Bowen therapy is a type of bodywork that can help reduce stress and anxiety. In this therapy, the therapist links their hands with the client's and moves them from one part of the body to another. The movement facilitates an increase of blood flow into muscles, which helps break up knots that may be causing pain or discomfort in those areas. These sessions also promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension while soothing nerves. After just one session, many people report lower levels of anxiety as well as increased energy levels! Find out more about how bowen therapy can benefit you today!

If stress is left untreated

If you don't treat the stress, it can make your body feel unwell. You might have more fear and worries. Or you could become very nervous or get a lot of headaches. Stress is bad for your health because it can change the way that your body works and maybe even lead to other problems such as addiction to drugs like opioids.

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Anxiety disorders
There are many different types of anxiety. One example is obsessive-compulsive disorder, when you have constant fears and start to feel anxious. Another one is panic attacks, which make you feel really bad and scared. You can also get post-traumatic stress disorder from a traumatic event in your life, or social phobia where people can feel really nervous about being rejected socially.
Alternative healing therapy
There are many different healing therapies that can help you to deal with stress and anxiety. These include:
• Breathing and relaxation exercises
• Mindfulness and meditation
• Adopting a healthy lifestyle
• Daily exercise in the form of short walks
• Cutting down on caffeine
• Moderate alcohol consumption
…and then there is Bowen Therapy
Bowen therapy is a practice that is effective and doesn't hurt. Bowen therapists can do it on your body with their hands. It makes you feel better because it calms the nervous system.

Bowen Therapy is for your body. It can make it feel better. It could help people with anxiety or depression, too. Bowen Therapy makes the nervous system work differently by making the sympathetic mode work normally again.

This safe technique is good for people of all ages. This technique is easy to use on babies, kids, teens, adults, and seniors.

Bowen Therapy for Anxiety

A new study published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry found that after eight weeks, half of participants who received Bowen therapy showed significant improvement with their anxiety symptoms. This treatment uses gentle touch to help to release muscle tension and promote relaxation. The touch is usually applied on pressure points or trigger points which are often related to specific emotions or memories. These areas can be found by palpating the body, looking at one's posture, or through a specialised massage technique called myofascial release. The therapist will use long strokes while applying slight pressure on muscles and joints in order to lengthen them; this promotes mobility and range of motion as well as reducing pain from stiffness.

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Bowen and Oxygen Therapy in Johannesburg
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